Lightweight software for microarray facility management

Why another microarray database?

Although there are currently many microarray databases, they are primarily used in data storage, management and analysis. SLIMarray serves a distinctly separate set of logistical needs that microarray facilities have.

What can SLIMarray do?

Our software is a Ruby on Rails database-backed web application that allows microarray facilities to track inventories of arrays, hybridizations performed and charge accrued for services by their customers. Beyond just tracking these separate pieces of information, it provides added value by utilizing the relationships between them. For instance, when hybridizations are entered, transactions are automatically created to deduct used microarrays from the proper inventories and appropriate charges are recorded. The software is modular, so that tracking of each type of information, inventories, hybridization or charges, can be disabled.

Can I try it out?

We have set up a demo of SLIMarray. See the demo page.

How can I get it?

SLIMarray is available either for download or checkout from our source code repository.

Is it hard to install?

We have developed a special version of the software, SLIMarray Lite, that is exceptionally easy to install. All you have to do is go to the download page and download either the Windows or Linux version to your computer, then unzip the files and run it. Documentation for installing the Lite version can be found here.

Where can I find help?

See the documentation page for details on installation and for our User and Administrator guides.

I think I found a bug. What do I do?

Please contact us.