Lightweight software for microarray facility management

Download SLIMarray or SLIMarray Lite

Please note that there are two flavors of the software, SLIMarray and SLIMarray Lite. SLIMarray Lite is substantially easier to install, but is only usable with the SQLite database and WEBrick all-ruby web server, and is not suitable for further development.

The full SLIMarray version can be used with either MySQL, SQLite, and possibly other relational databases. It has been tested with WEBrick, Apache and Lighttpd web servers. It is highly suitable to further development. If you do plan on doing further development, then you may want to acquire the latest code from our Subversion repository

Please see the documentation page for details on installation and usage of the software.

Current Release

Please note that no Lite release has been made for version 0.3.5, due to problems building the Lite package. The Lite version may or may not continue to be released in future versions.
File Name Description Date Size md5sum
slimarray-0.3.5.tar.gz Linux full version 2/07/2008 2.59MB b057c1a9aec6ad17c71463dcad1891b3 Windows full version 2/07/2008 3.52MB 1445eacfe9e7bbe27fef973ee32bc1f0

Previous Releases


File Name Description Date Size md5sum
slimarray-0.3.0.tar.gz Linux full version 5/10/2007 2.52MB df25277a2d404c78efbbdd8f9cdfd24e
slimarray_lite-0.3.0.tar.gz Linux Lite version 5/10/2007 13.0MB 4c0ba98f100b514005db487fc27df18d Windows full version 5/10/2007 3.43MB a996af6ae09a8f7a69c0cad86c40ff4a Windows Lite version 5/10/2007 13.0MB 310400e4154fe38a1d4a2686dca622b0


File Name Description Date Size md5sum
slimarray-0.2.4.tar.gz Linux full version 10/24/2006 1.9MB 8da088362093bce2d2f1a7c31a12c4ce
slimarray_lite-0.2.4.tar.gz Linux Lite version 10/24/2006 27.3MB 46b74ac154343e78486fd32506a42a8d Windows full version 10/24/2006 2.6MB 9b3491e9ddd19e4178a3cc379cdeb38e Windows Lite version 10/24/2006 9.1MB 81f8c2107c98b67b8e4e7d4469f7a20e


File Name Description Date Size md5sum
slimarray-0.2.2.tar.gz Linux full version 9/18/2006 1.9MB 4595f3cc7b881f5e4da2b4728a12bfd4
slimarray_lite-0.2.2.tar.gz Linux Lite version 9/18/2006 20.2MB 661ba950146c5a1a70d9aa81cdc67b74 Windows full version 9/18/2006 2.5MB 51b8c9a20f31eadc87a324541dbeb97e Windows Lite version 9/18/2006 5.5MB 3cb28fe972e445ce69f918b22b5bdb16


File Name Description Date Size md5sum
slimarray-0.2.0.tgz Linux full version 9/06/2006 1.8MB 608aefc0b6239e94c180ce46b25304b8
slimarray_lite-0.2.0.tar.gz Linux Lite version 9/06/2006 9.7MB 3577f992aa3528428b3bcd576dc6104d Windows full version 9/06/2006 2.5MB 3185d047eb7d95774aac98ea0011477d Windows Lite version 9/06/2006 20.5MB a7cc711077cd6c49c3ef386726e608fb


File Name Description Date Size md5sum
slimarray-0.1.0.tgz Linux full version 6/28/2006 1.8MB 8fd9722b6707472c86cc4a0c3e6118f9 Windows full version 6/28/2006 2.4MB de4674f35632e9e26fc111ca1ee61db9