Lightweight software for microarray facility management

Browse the SLIMarray source code

The source code can be viewed at github.

Get Git

If you do not already have the Git client, you can download it from the Git site.

Get SLIMarray source code with Git

The full source code for SLIMarray is available online for downloading, via a public clone URL. Using SLIMarray from github allows you to keep more easily up-to-date, however it may be more unstable due to transient bugs that are introduced as new changes are checked in. Exercise care when updating a production instance of SLIMarray from the Subversion source code repository.

Contributing Improvements

If you've fixed or improved SLIMarray in some way, and want to contribute your changes, here are the steps to do so:

  1. Fork SLIMarray on github and check out your fork
  2. Make a test-driven change--add or change unit/functional tests to accompany your actual change.
  3. Verify that all tests pass by running rake test
  4. Commit your change
  5. Send a pull request on github
  6. Give yourself a big pat on the back